Chenoweth ALERTS!

Dear Chenoweth Homeowners and Renters!

  Chenoweth Homeowners Association  

Chenoweth Homeowners ALERT!

To all Chenoweth Homeowners!

We have heard from one of our residents who has spoken to a police officer in our community that there have been recent vehicle break-ins and other thefts of homeowner property, such as garden statues, in our neighborhood.

Please be sure to keep your cars locked at all times! We don't live in the country where we can leave our property unprotected! It is never okay to leave your car unlocked or your garage door open even partially when it is unattended!

The HOA Board wants to make sure you are all as safe as possible!  If you hear of any other thefts or break-ins in the community, please let us know. This information is posted to our HOA Website and emailed to all homeowners.  


Ali Orr, webmaster and Member of the HOA Board